Xiaoxiao Guo_Anny
Exhibition & Experience | Interior & Spatial Designer


b. 1986, HK.

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I am Xiaoxiao Guo, an exhibition and interior designer, who was graduated with an MA in Exhibition and Experience Design from Fashion Institution of Technology (FIT) in New York. Before coming to New York, my background was in Interior and Spatial Design in Macau and London.

As a spatial storyteller, I aim to connect ideas to people through choreographed multi-sensory experiences. I enjoy seeking the unique characters from the subject and synthesizing them into coherent “language” to develop compelling and meaningful narratives. While consistently exploring creative interpretive approaches to engage different types of audience, I intend to embed the entire story into details of visitors’ experiences.

Thanks to my hometown Beijing and experiences studying aboard, I acquired a diversified way of critical thinking and a relatively comprehensive perception of both eastern and western cultural contexts. My years of study and internship experience in interior design brought me strong sensitivity and execution of spatial design in both conceptual and practical aspects. Thanks to exhibition design, I can always maintain a childlike curiosity and eagerness to learn and test something new.

Outside of design works, I enjoy carrying my camera to pilgrimage the architectural and natural masterpieces, explore new perspectives of everyday life, and express some indescribable moods. Besides, I also can’t live without my theatre binoculars and figure ice-skating boots!

Design needs love and patience. Fortunately, I can offer both.